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A/C Recharge

Air not running cold? It may not be broken, but it may need a recharge, and we can help.

When the temperatures start to soar, and you turn on your AC for the first time, having hot air blow out of the vents is never a welcome situation. This common problem often does not mean you need air conditioning repair. It usually means you need an A/C recharge. Whether you are wanting to be proactive to charge the air conditioner before problems arise or you have air running hot and need help, our mechanics are here to assist.

What Is an A/C Recharge?

Car air conditioners use refrigerant, usually R134a or Freon, to keep you cool when you're driving down the road. When the levels of refrigerant get low, usually because of a leak somewhere in the air conditioning system, you’ll have hot air coming from the air conditioning system. An A/C recharge is simply adding refrigerant so your air conditioner will run cold.

Does Your A/C Need a Recharge?

If your air conditioner is running hot, you may not be able to tell what the problem is. Most car owners can’t tell the difference between low refrigerant lvels and other, more serious issues. They simply know that they need their air conditioner to run cool. To know the reason behind your air conditioner woes, you need to talk to a qualified mechanic.

For warm air from your air conditioner, bring your vehicle in to us. We will inspect it and find out what the problem is, and offer a solution to it. For many vehicles, the solution is an A/C recharge. Give us a call to schedule an appointment to have your air conditioner inspected or recharged, and our mechanics will help you enjoy your summer excursions with a functional air conditioning system.

  • A/C Recharge

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A/C Recharge