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Power Steering Service

Your power steering system, like most of the systems in your vehicle, has fluid to help it run properly.
If you’re starting to have trouble turning and maneuvering the vehicle, it may be because the power steering fluid needs to be flushed and refilled. This important maintenance task is one of the many our qualified team of mechanics can perform for you.

What Is Power Steering Fluid?

Power steering fluid is a solution that keeps the steering system pressurized and moving. This important lubricant is what allows you to easily move your heavy vehicle with just the turn of your steering wheel. Like most fluids in your car’s various systems, it can become dirty or contaminated with time, and that makes it less effective.

Comprehensive Power Steering Service

If you’re starting to notice signs that your power steering system isn’t working properly, then bring your vehicle to us for power steering service. This service includes a complete flush of the entire steering system, including the reservoir, rack and pinion. We also check all of the seals and o-rings to ensure they are still in good shape, and replace any that are showing signs of wear. This will leave you with a functional steering system that is ready to help you maneuver your car well.

Do I Need Power Steering Service?

Being able to steer your vehicle is completely necessary for proper and safe driving, so you should know what to watch for that indicates you need a power steering service. These signs indicate it’s time to bring your car to us:

·       Color changes to the power steering fluid

·       Power steering fluid bubbles

·       Leaking fluids

·       Strange noises

·       Steering difficulties

If you notice any of these problems, bring your vehicle to us. We will evaluate the power steering system and see where the problem lies, then provide a recommendation for the best way to address the problem. For most vehicles, a power steering flush is the right choice.

Vehicle maintenance is essential to keeping your vehicle running properly and efficiently. Power steering services are just one of the many maintenance services we offer. Bring your vehicle to us to have all of your maintenance needs handled by our certified technicians.

  • Flush Entire System Including Reservoir, Rack & Pinion
  • True Brand Power Steering Kit.
  • Protects Against Wear, Corrosion, Clogging.
  • Prevents Fluid Leaks by Rejuvenating Seals

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Power Steering Service